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NEWS: Publisher Evert Kornmayer is delighted to present the second edition of the refernence book "Italiens Weinwelten" (February 2013) on Italian wine, which satisfys the ongoing curiosity of the wine trade and wine lovers in Germany. The first edition of the book came out in March 2011 (384 pages, 26 x 20 cm hardcover, € 35). publisher address



Winner of the Gourmand AWARD Best Book on European Wine - March 2011

Winner of the gold medal by the German Accademy of gastronomy (GAD) - October 2011



A gap in the world of wine literature is filled with the publication of a book about Italian wine and lifestyle, simply titled Italiens Weinwelten, written by Steffen Maus and photographed by Markus Bassler.

In the foreword essay, the author travels through Italy and portrays the unique aspects of Italian wine country through its people and regions. Recent changes, differing profiles of producers from region to region, the organic movement and wine marketing ideas are part of the story. Steffen Maus uses additional double pages to widen the reader's knowledge on subjects of special significance.


Italiens Weinwelten portrays the microcosms of these 27 extraordinary wine worlds - the environment in which the vines grow, how the grape varieties taste, and which progress the vintners have made over the last decade. Descriptive language and personal experience come to life in this approximately 380-page classic. Every chapter, (Tuscany, Piedmont and so on) begins with a piece on lifestyle portrayed through the regional culture, landscape, and food. The wines (Brunello di Montalcino, Barbera d'Asti and so on) are then featured in detail. Each chapter is completed by a brief summary of the missing wines and grape varieties so that it includes all the aspects worth knowing of each region.

It is a completely new approach to writing a wine book because the character of a wine, which is also formed by the character of the producer, is prevailing over the fame of a producer or a single wine. It makes the consumer independent of top wine rankings and 90+ wines. It ist especially useful for beginners and experts in the upcoming wine markets for italien wine like Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.


Cover for the wine book (first and second edition)

Table of Content (German)

To view wine book chapter on Puglia, Negroamaro and Primtivo click here


Steffen Maus parla del libro "Italiens Weinwelten"(in italiano)



This book will continue to serve as a guide for tasting wines in the 27 wine worlds long after its publishing date. In addition WEINWELTEN publishes a sequence of 4 ebooks with focus on major geografic areas (in German) distributed by

Italiens Weinwelten Part 1 - Northeast Italy

Italiens Weinwelten Part 2 - Northwest Italy,

Italiens Weinwelten Part 3 - Toscany and Central Italy,

Italiens Weinwelten Part 4 - Southern Italy,

In addition to this book, there is an website - started in 2011 - in German where facts and figures as well as addresses of retailers will be kept up-to-date.



This book is the definitive voice on Italy’s winemaking and the first all-embracing volume on the topic in ten years in German. A new publishing approach takes you on a journey through 27 unparalleled wine worlds (Brunello, Lambrusco, Nero d’Avola, Soave, Barolo ecc). This comprehensive volume comes in a manageable form, making it not only the perfect companion to a restaurant or a culinary trip from Piedmont all the way to Sicily but THE reference book "state of the art" with up to date wine stories focussing on story telling rather than facts and figures - and accompanied by modern people and food fotography by Markus Bassler - truly exeptional fotos that show love and passion for Italy and their wines.



Wine to follow

Etna Rosso - wines from vulcanic soils from the northern part of the vulcano Etna between the towns of Randazzo and Linguaglossa at 600 to 1000 meters above sea level. It's a fascinating part of Italian viticulture in an area that had more than 50000 acres of vineyards at the end of the 19th century. Today, there are less than 8000 acres left of the particular grape variety Nerello Mascalese. Watch out for vineyards like I Vigneri, Pasciopiscaro, Graci, Tenuta di Fessina oder Girolamo Russo! The vintage 2008 is the vintage of the decade and worth getting your hands on even for prices at Brunello and Barolo level!

Steffen Maus parla del Suo libro Italiens Weinwelten

Prowein March 2011

For those who understand Italian and like to know more about Aglianico del Vulture

Intervista Maus al Prowein 2010


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